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Yoga For Kids

Mindful Minnies is a kids only yoga studio. Here we teach yoga, relaxation breathing and mindfulness techniques to suit children's needs. "Let Us Introduce Yoga And Mindfulness To Your Child!"

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Our Classes

At MIndful MInnies we offer a variety of classes. They are broken up in to age groups.  Our classes are held on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  All classes run from 4-5 pm. 

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Our Packages

Mindful Minnies packages include weekly classes, birthday packages and Girl Scout/Boy Scout badges. 

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Meet The Founder

Hello! My name is Andrea Kassem. I have been practicing yoga for over 9 years and have a passion for teaching children everything yoga has to offer! I focus on mindfulness and relaxation breathing along with the yoga poses. I want to teach yoga to as many children as possible!

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Mindful Minnies
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