Meet the Founder

Hey! My name is Andrea Kassem. I am the founder of MIndful Minnies Yoga For Kids. I have been practicing yoga for over 9 years and along the way fell in love with the idea of teaching children yoga and everything it has to offer!

Soon after I obtained my children's yoga teaching license (CYT).  I have two daughters of my own and they have inspired me to teach as many children all that yoga has to offer. I think it is very important to learn yoga, relaxation and mindfulness at a young age.

At Mindful Minnies our students will gain the knowledge and importance of being physically and mentally fit. Yoga is non competitive in nature, so we make sure that our students understand that and it gives them a chance to challenge themselves rather than having pressure of competing. 

We make yoga and mindfulness fun to learn by incorporating books, music and fun games within our classes. 

"Let Us Introduce Yoga and Mindfulness To Your Child!"

Meet the Founder